How to Grow More Vegetables I

I’m eight years old again. My mother has planned a huge birthday party for me, with cake and balloons and all my friends from school. (No, no clowns, or jugglers or face painters, but it didn’t take much to please us in those days.)

I have a new dress to wear in my favorite blue–royal. And I have new patent leather Mary Janes. I can’t wait to get dressed and make my big entrance.

That’s how I feel right now–except the shoes are my new high-top workboots, with easy zip entry, and my biggest worry is whether the pruning shears packed in my bags will bring down the wrath of Homeland Security on my head.

I’m traveling to the wilds of north central California to for a mini-farm training at the ranch founded by one of my heroes, John Jeavons–he of How to Grow More Vegetables fame. The idea is you’ll learn how to grow all the food you need to feed your family for a year on one acre of land–you know, the stuff my grandmother knew how to do, that my mother knows how to do, but is too ill and infirm to teach me.

I could be working. I’ve graded a set of papers… I should be uploading the results online… but I’m just too restless, too distracted, too … wiggly to sit still for it.

Stay tuned … There will be blogging from the road…