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Singing the “I-can’t-make-my-farm-pay” blues

This is kind of what my farm fantasy would look like, if I owned land in NoCal--lots of flowers and space for events like weddings or dinners. How about yours?

I had a great idea for a blog post, but it got hijacked by Salon, which published an article on Monday that has kept me ruminating and obsessing for days: Jaclyn Moyer’s “What Nobody Told Me About Small Farming: I Can’t Make…

Aliens and strangers … at Trader Joe’s


I’ve had mixed feelings about the opening of the first Trader Joe’s in Charlottesville. It’s hard to imagine what we’ve done to deserve it—we are, after all, a town of fewer than 40,000 people, though the county surrounding us is…

How to Grow More Vegetables I


I’m eight years old again. My mother has planned a huge birthday party for me, with cake and balloons and all my friends from school. (No, no clowns, or jugglers or face painters, but it didn’t take much to please…