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Winter Fever

Basil seeds soaking--the first sign of spring in the Hamilton-McVicker household.

Spring fever … has come a little early this year. Of course, now that we’ve moved a frost zone further South, winter was a bit long in coming, too. So long that I was tempted to stretch the season by…

Guilt-free weed warfare


So the world–the Green World at least–seems to be agreed. We all hate Monsanto. They have given us good reason. But that still leaves the average suburban Joe or Jane facing a dilemma. Joe and Jane Suburbs may spend very…

The Daily Beauty: Prickly Pear in Bloom

That's right, we're blooming!

Outside the UVa Bookstore, atop the Emmett Street parking garage, there are two sad concrete planters containing two much-abused plants: opuntiae, or prickly pear cactus. Temps on that brick and concrete walk are glacially cold in winter and must soar…