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Guilt-free weed warfare


So the world–the Green World at least–seems to be agreed. We all hate Monsanto. They have given us good reason. But that still leaves the average suburban Joe or Jane facing a dilemma. Joe and Jane Suburbs may spend very…

What’s in season? Pears


This week, I’ve been thinking about pears. Mmmm. Pears… Pears? I can almost see your furrowed brows. Why pears? you may be wondering and well you might. Apples are, after all, the glory of Albemarle County. We have our own…

First snow 2009


The knockout rose–gift from my baby–has been blooming like a champion, setting new buds every few days even into December. And it looks so pretty in the snow. So do these hips on the Champney’s pink that drapes over the…